Web Viewer 12.1 Spanish Ö not getting converted


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When converting to PDF the Spanish Ö is not getting converted. In the database it looks fine and in test is working fine, but failed on production.


Bad font.
Cached version of the font being used.


CA View 14.0
CA Spool
CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1


Seeing the character stored in CA View is not an indication that it should transform correctly. In order to render that character correctly in the transformed result, it has to be defined correctly in the codepage to point to the correct bitmap of that character in the charset. 

A bad font was causing the error. Customer deleted the bad font, but still had the problem. 

There is likely a cached version of the previously used T1GI0395 font that is being used so that could be the reason you did not see a change. 

Bounce the Java FSS task or try F SARJAVA,REINIT. You should see: 

ESF4231 REINIT performed 

in the D2ELOG if you do the REINIT.