Scheduled Report in BSI times out or fails


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How can I debug and solve problems with scheduled reports either not running or timing out in BSI?


Component: OBLCRE


1) The first thing you should do is manually run the report and make sure that there is not problem running the report you are trying to schedule.
If there is then this needs to be solved first.
2) Make sure the report scheduler service is working. Is the service running? Do other scheduled reports run? If it is not working at all then check the logs and other techdocs to get the service working.
3) Finally, if the scheduler and report are both working but the scheduled report times out then this is a common occurrence when you schedule a lot of reports for the same time or schedule the reports for a time when backups and other scheduled processes run.
In this case the problem is usually solved by staggering the schedules for the different reports.
For example, have one report run at 00:15, one at 00:30, one at 00:45, etc.
Keep in mind that Oracle scheduled jobs for BSI tend to run at 02:00 and 03:00.