Using Netmaster analysis to diagnose CPU spikes in TCP/IP STC


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Experiencing  a sudden increase in the CPU utilization of  the TCPIP STC over multiple weekends in PROD system.
Concerned about it might negatively affect overall CPU utilization.
Nothing in the TCP/IP log.
Looking for a way to analyze the TCPIP problem n NETMASTER (like what application used it, comparing TCPIPs previous datas, etc).


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


Monitoring CPU is usually the domain of a SysView/Omegamon, but NetMaster can help in determining if things are out of the norm. 
Check performance data within the product (shortcut is /PERF).
Baselining can be used to get a feel what is normal and what is not. 
Review Stack Network Interfaces, Stack IP Connections, Address Spaces, Stack IP, TCP, and UDP, potentially even CSM - if it is being monitored - to see if there are any outliers. 

There are many drill down capabilities showing hourly, daily, and weekly information. 
For example, Stack IP Connections provides a simple number of Total connections. 
It would be easy to see if there's been an increase in total number of connections and go from there.