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How do we get an audit of devices being monitored by Spectrum? 


Platform Independant


Here are a few options to collect a list of devices currently being modeled in Spectrum: 

1. For a Watch report, this can be obtained trough OneClick web page: 
OneClick web page > Administration > Watch Report > Run Report

2. Use Locator Search 

- Locator > Models > All Accountable models 
- This will list Accountable Models 

- Locator > Devices > All Devices 
- This will list all devices modeled in Spectrum 

You can use the Export function in List view to get the list into a document 

3. Use Spectrum Billing utility: 

- nav to <SPECROOT>/SS-Tools 
- run ./Billing utility with parameters: 
- i.e. ./Billing -landscape <ls_handle> -detailed True -output billing-audit.txt 


4. If you have CABI / Jaspersoft integration with OneClick/Report manager, there are also outOfBox "Asset Reports" which will provide inventory list on devices and ports, but still does not provide more drill down as far as MIBs or Attributes polled, etc.

5. More device audit data can be obtained with REST calls or CLI command and scripting such commands. For example, you can log into the VNMSH shell and run commands to see list of devices / interfaces / attributes. 

- nav to <SPECROOT>/vnmsh 
- run ./connect 
- run ./show devices 

You will see the list of devices in Spectrum. Model_handle is shown on the left column. If you were to parse out the device name, you could then run a command to list interfaces for the same: 

- run ./show models | grep -i <device name> 

You can also see the attributes polled on a device / model 

- run ./show attributes mh=<model_handle> 

If you script a for-loop on model name to run through show models and show attributes commands and dump into a file, you could essentially build a report with this data.