CA SOI - Error during reconcile / Convention of varchar data failure


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


After upgrading our production environment from SOI 4.0 SP2 to SOI 4.2 we are receiving the following error messages 5-100 times per day. 

ERROR [ActiveMQ Session Task] (InstructionQueue-2) - Error during reconcile, Will NOT retry :java.sql.BatchUpdateException: At convertion of a varchar data type into a datetime data type the value is out of valid range. ... 

The above errors are written to the catalyst.log (<SOI_HOME\tomcat\logs) on the Manager. 



SOI 4.2 


1. These are reconcile errors messages, you should clear \data\kahadb\*.* files and restart ActiveMQ & SOI Manager services. 

2. Run the --findDBInconsists command, then run remove those inconsistent cis if any: 

a. soitoolbox.exe --findDBInconsistencies -v -m <SQL Server> -d SAMStore -u sa -p <password> -- List all Cis 

b. soitoolbox.exe --purgeDBInconsistencies -m <SQL Server> -d SAMStore -u sa -p <password> -- Purge CI Inconsistencies 

Additional Information

Note: If these messages / errors are being sent via email, while you troubleshoot / resolve the issue you can do the following to prevent alarms/messages being sent via email: edit "\soi\tomcat\custom\email-config.xml" file and remove emails ids, so manager will not send mails on these errors.