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Due to the nature of how APIs and Custom Apps can be custom developed, we can only offer limited support in the form of a courtesy review to attempt to help answer your question.  As it relates to custom applications developed by a third party that are outside of available functionality, the level of support we can provide is limited. Please see section 6d of our SaaS Support Policy:

Per our Support policies, all API and Custom App cases are considered a "Severity 4" case.


Component: ACSAAS


In order to effectively troubleshoot cases around problems with custom code and third party applications, support will need the following information:


Whether basic credentials or an API key is in use
Login ID of user or login ID of API key owner
Exact date, time and timezone error occurred
End point being called when error occurred
Error message seen



Cloudflare ray ID
Source code from your application
Log files from your application showing the error