Errors with PSL DLL registration


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Need your help to find the cause of next error when running 1 PSL instance: "Infrastruct processor task failed processing formula 65372 with the following error: FormulaAgentError - Formula agent No.65372 failed with the following error: An error was detected during the CreateInstance sequence of Infrastruct Processing.The object that failed to create due to registration issues: The Microsoft Script Control You appear to have a problem with the registration of the PslWriter related DLLs. Please re-register all PslWriter DLLs. Continuing to process other formulas


This seems to be a rare issue but it appears to be caused by some kind of Windows corruption removing DLL registration or possibly could be a failed installation.


Component: OBLCRE


1) bring up a CMD prompt "as administrator" and CD to %OG_HOME%\bin 
2) Stop ALL PSLwriter services. 
3) Make sure that any services that say ace2 or pslworker are DISABLED if you use standard ACE1. ACE1 and ACE2 should not be run together.
4) run: pslwriter -u -x00 
where 00 is the instance number of the PSL that reported this problem. This will uninstall that PSLwriter service 
5) run: regfiles.bat 
(This will reregister DLL files with Windows in the event of windows corruption or a fresh install) 
6) run: pslWriter -i -x00 
where 00 is the instance number of the PSL that reported this problem. This will install it as a service cleanly. 
Run it again and see if this solves the error. If you want to clear the old log messages before restarting then you could run: truncate table T_LOG 

If this was previously running and crashed so that the Oracle session was not removed, then restarting the PSL instance could return an error that a similar instance is already running. If you get that error then follow techdoc 000040583