User unable to view 11th timesheet note in Clarity New UX timesheet


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User unable to see and view any notes after about the 10th note, hence its problematic if anyone wants to edit the notes in the New User Experience (UX) Clarity PPM timesheets. The scrollbar is not working correctly to display all the notes. 

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Log in to Clarity PPM 

2. Go to New UX and click on timesheets 

3. Click on a timesheet

4. Click on Notes and add more than 10 notes

Expected Results: All Timesheet notes should be visible in the UI, i.e total notes submitted

Actual Results:  It shows only ~10 notes on the Timesheet Notes Flyout, however the total count on the Notes tab is correct 


This is due to defect DE46859.  The scroll bar in the timesheet notes is not set to infinite. Page size attribute is set to 25 however its loading data only for 10 notes. 


Release:  15.4.1, 15.5, 15.5.1


 This issue is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.6.

Please find below workarounds for the issue 

Workaround 1: Use Classic PPM to view notes

The Classic PPM timesheet link is disabled once the NEW UX timesheet is activated, however it is still can be accessed using the steps below.

1. Login to Classic PPM 

2. Navigate to http://SERVERNAME/niku/nu#action:timeadmin.timesheetBrowserReturn

3. Find the timesheet and edit the timesheet 

4. On the timesheet edit page click on the Notes 

5. On the Edit Note page you can edit the note till the bug is fixed 

Workaround 2: Lower zoom level of browser until all notes are visible

Workaround 3: Change Screen Resolution 

1. Login to Clarity PPM 

2. Click on Link to New user experience 

3. Click on timesheets 

4. Add notes and set the screen resolution to 67%.

All the notes should be visible however it is subjected to size of monitor as it is not suitable for the laptop screen. Works well for Desktop or large monitor.

Workaround 4: Copy Paste the entire timesheet notes in Notepad or word pad 

1. Login to Clarity PPM 

2. Click on Link to New user experience 

3. Click on timesheets 

4. In timesheet notes CLRT A and CLRT C 

5. Paste the data in the notepad or winword