How to synchronize user-defined ca_state_province data between MDB and Service Catalog


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check the below document, before you start customizing your environment.
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A. Current situation:
In SC/Admin/Uusers, edit a user profile, the 'state' data is being updated as 'empty'.
Each time you edit the user profile and click OK.
Even when no change is being made in that user profile.
B. This can be verified in the following way:
1. Add/insert a new 'state' to the mdb.
2. Set the location to point to that new state.
3. Edit the user profile and set it to the location-with-the-new-state.
4. Verify the 'state' data is set to 'empty' after clickong OK on the user profile.
C. To resolve this, check the following procedure.
The state info is not only stored in the MDB, but also in a separate .xml file. (ca_country_state.xml).
As to be found in C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\view\webapps\usm\locale\icusen folder.
And these two (MDB and file) need to be 'in sync'.
The solution for this is the following:
1. Stop the 'CA Service Catalog' service.
2. Copy original 'ca_country_state.xml' file into the 'filestore path' folder (see above mentioned KB000125335).
3. Browse into the 'filestore' path ...\locale\icusen.
4. Edit(notepad) file ca_country_state.xml.
5. Add the following lines to the bottom of this file:
6. Save the file.
7. Start the Catalog service.
8. Check/open/edit the SC/Admin/User data.