How to remove Email from the Actions list in CA Service Catalog


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It is to say that 'Request lists' in the SC-UI are rendered using GXT/GWT code. 
Which means these cannot be customized. 
It is possible to remove the 'email' option from the 'actions-list'.
However the 'email' button for a request, will then be removed too.





Please check the below procedure and let me know your findings.
1. The inclusion of Email action and email button is based on an EEM access policy with the resource 'guinode__requestsemail'.
2. The easiest way to drop 'email action' and 'email button' would be remove the read permission for this resource for the targeted role(s).
3. E.G.: To drop permission for enduser,catalogenduser,requestmanager roles, follow the steps below: 
a. Login to EEM for the 'Service Catalog' application as EiamAdmin
b. Click on Manage Access Policies
c. Click on Policies
d. Click on Guinode from the left-hand tree menu (in Access Policies)
e. All the access policies will be loaded and shown on the right
f. Search for the policy with name 'ACL_common_non_admin_user_Guinodes'
- check the checkbox 'Show policies matching name'
- enter ACL_common_non_admin_user_Guinodes
- click ‘Go’
g. Click on the matching policy on right hand side
h. The policy details wil show
i. In the section 'Access Policy Configuration', you need to identify this specific resource 'guinode__requestsemail'
Locate this resource from the list (nearly at the bottom of the list).
Note: there are 3 ‘email’ related resources. Be sure to select the correct one.
j. Select and click on the 'trash' icon.
k. Click the save button at bottom right corner.
l. Restart Catalog Server and verify the new behavior:
- Stop the CA Service Catalog service
- Clear the %USM_HOME%\view\translets folder
- Start the CA Service Catalog service
m. The new behavior will be evident for the following roles: enduser, catalogenduser and requestmanager
- Login to the SC-UI with a userid that hase one of the above roles assigned
- Confirm 'email' does not show in both 'action' as well as the request itself