How to create a data object on a csv file in CA Service Catalog


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The following is to be executed to get this working properly.
1a. In computer/properties/system variables, add variable RPT_HOME
1b. Set this variable value with C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog
2. Start SC/Admin/Report Builder/Data Object
2a. In data object, select radio button CSV file
2b. In 'CSV File' field set: %RPT_HOME%\DataObject_CSV\pdm_load_ca_contact-i_2.csv and get error:
>>> File not found on the server: C:\PROGRA~1\CA\SERVIC~1\reporting\DataObject_CSV\pdm_load_ca_contact-i_2.csv
>>> Note: the 'reporting' folder added automatically.
3. Copy the local DataObject_CSV folder into %RPT_HOME%\reporting folder.
4. The data object then works properly.
Another solution can be.
5. Create the DataObject_CSV folder under %USM_HOME% path
6. And then in data object, set in 'CSV File' field:
7. This works too. The 'reporting' folder is not used/needed this way.
Nothing has to be restarted on my local server.
The system variable is to be used immediately after it was defined in step 1.
It could be that you need to reboot (OS dependent) to get the system variable activated and to be used in SC Data Object settings.
After you defined the system variable, you can run the 'set' command in a commandprompt, to see whether it is available or not. 
Meaning, check whether a reboot is needed or not.
Select field options are a value/label pair so you need two columns in your csv. 
The value is the first column and the label (what is displayed in the UI) is the second column.
And After adding a second column in my csv file the label was presented correctly.