XOG use: Avoiding server slowdown and OutOfMemory


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Your app server is slow when you run XOG, what can you do to make sure you have optimal performance? Are there any best practices?


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Component: Clarity XOG


Running multiple threads for XOG at once could be memory-consuming. We recommend:

  1. Adjusting your usage to avoid running many XOGs at the same time
  2. If possible avoid separate connections (have XOG connect once and reuse the session)
  3. Do not request many thousand of rows at once, each request should be small, and each small request should be paginated. Otherwise, there is the possibility for a large request to time out and spin another request, which also times out, etc.
  4. Another option to improve your bandwidth could be to have a dedicated app server for XOG only.

Additional Information

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