Running Spectrum OneClick client on RHEL 7 causes font issues


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CA Spectrum


After installing RHEL 7 and running the linux client on the RHEL 7 machine, the fonts are causing tabs to be partially hidden and tables are overlapping.  Setting the default font in OneClick doesn't change all of the client, only some of it so this is not a viable solution.

Linux RHEL 7 clients font is changed to Cantarell which is a font that was not shipped in RHEL 6


Linux OneClick clients


Try changing default font:
1) Start a console (or terminal)
2) At the very top locate SETTINGS and click on it.
3) A drop down menu will appears and click on EDIT CURRENT PROFILE
4) A window will appear. Click on APPEARANCE
5) Here at the very top you can select background etc, at the BOTTOM you will see FONT here is where you can select the Font Type you want to use, Text Size. Click on Select Font. Another window will open.
6) Along the top you will see a list of Fonts, Font Style, Size. Make your selection and hit OK.
7) This will take you back to the previous window. Click on APPLY, which will then grey out, then click on OK.
8) Close the console (or terminal) and then restart it to see your selections take effect.

Alternatively, you may need to do this instead:

1.  Top of screen in windows manager: Applications -> Accessories -> Tweeks 
2.  Click on Fonts on Left side 
3.  Four font pulldowns. 
Windows Title ==> Change to Sans Bold 
Interface ==> Change to Sans Regular 
Document ==> No Change (Should already be Sans Regular) 
Monospace ==> No Change 


Additional Information

This has to be done for each user. 
There is NO global/system/machine way to change things.