Secondary hub always brings up raw configure for probes


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


I recently performed a new installation of secondary hub and also installed IM on the hub but when I click on the configure of any of the probes on the hub it just brings up raw configure.


Component: UIMIMG


There are a couple factors here. Since this was a new installation there is likely nothing in the local archive of the secondary, and therefor it will not be able to pull from the installation package the UI needed for configuration. It will then try to connect to the primary to get that package and if there is any sort of communication between the two hubs raw configure will be displayed.

First verify if you are able to bring up the configuration UI from IM logged in to the primary. If that fails than that would be the reason. Verify and validate the following things:

Am I using a tunnel?
Am I able to telnet from each to the other using the tunnel port?
Are the controller and hub logs giving any indication of an error?
Is the new hub using multiple NICs?
Is the robot starting with correct IP?
Is the robot listed with the correct IP from the primary's perspective?

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