How to automate process of sending files with XCOM


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At the moment we are transferring files with XCOM on top of Windows Server 2016 but we are doing that manually and we are trying to move to an automated process.
  1. Is there any feature of XCOM that can be used to automate the process?
  2. If not is there any plan to include that functionality in XCOM? When?
  3. 3) If not, not, Is there documentation available to do the automation?


Component: XCPCNT


You can create a script consisting of xcomtcp or xcom62 commands, just as you would write them on the command line and save them as a .bat file.  For example:

xcomtcp  -c1 –f /temp/loop.cnf   REMOTE_SYSTEM= REMOTE_FILE=/temp/test.txt  LOCAL_FILE=/temp/ USERID=XCOMABC PASSWORD=XXXXXXX QUEUE=YES

Just as you can initiate multiple transfers from the command prompt by using the NEWXFER command, you can also use this parameter in configuration files and in scripts. 

There is also a feature called Interdependent Transfers in our online documentation.  This allows you to code transfers that depend on whether a previous transfer was successful or failed.

You can run the script using the Windows Server Task Scheduler. There is also a Task Scheduler for Windows 7 and 10. It will start scripts at the dates and times that you choose. 


Additional Information

Microsoft Documentation for Windows Task Scheduler
Although this documentation refers to earlier version of Windows, it exists in later versions also.