Fixed Loading Pattern Timesheet ETC incorrect in New UX


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Fixed Loading Pattern ETC on Timesheet shows inconsistently between Classic and the New User Experience (UX). In the New UX, it only appears to bring in the ETCs left for the current month. 

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a project in Clarity with one team member
2. Create a new task
3. Add the resource to the task with following details:
  • Loading Pattern - Fixed
  • Start date - prior to current week
  • Finish Date - a couple of weeks in the future
  • Add ETC (example 40 hours)
4. Post a timesheet for the assignment for prior week. (Post 5 hours or more to get an actual thru date so ETC for prior to Actual Thru gets dropped)
5. Open timesheet for current week in classic and new UX.
6. Add the Task created to the timesheet

Expected Results: ETC is the same in both
Actual Results:
  • Classic: ETC shows sum of future weeks (after current week)
  • New UX: ETC shows for the current month only.


This issue is caused by DE46829


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4.1-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


This issue is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.6 and in (DE47877).