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How can I force maintenance mode to stop? 

Under some circumstances, when there is an error or issue preventing maintenance mode from stopping, and you need to stop it before the scheduled maintenance mode is set to end, customers may find it necessary to force maintenance mode to stop so they can resume receiving alarms again.

USM Groups View with node in maintenance (grey wrench icon)


- UIM 8.5.1
- maintenance _mode v8.43


Using your database studio/developer tool, execute the following queries to identify the information you'll need to stop maintenance

-- Get the specific 'schedule id' 


-- get the specific 'csID'

select * from cm_computer_system where name = 'device/node/machine'


Use this info as input to execute the maintenance_mode probe utility callback stop_maintenance

To open the probe utility, select the maintenance_mode probe and press Ctrl-P

Select the stop_maintenance callback

Enter the schedule id and csid information you already gathered for the given node/device/machine

Press the green arrow to execute the callback and it should return 'ok'

After you refresh USM/re-login to UMP, you'll see that the device is no longer in maintenance (you no longer see a grey wrench icon next to the node or device name)



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