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Problem with object based link/return from custom object/subobject. When using the return button/action (Out of box) it then corrupts/returns bad subpage menu options. All choices are "general" 
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1- login to Clarity 
2- click on administration -> objects - resource 
3- on the resource object page click on new to create a new custom resource 
4- object name: resource training 
object id: test_01175637 
Content Source: customer 
Master or Subobject: subobject 
Master Object: resource 
5- next click on home -> resource 
6- select a resource from the list 
7- on the "Resource-Material: Bird - Main - General" page click on "properties" tab menu 
8- select "resource training List" from the menu list 
9- on page "Resource-Material: Bird - Main - resource training List" click on "new" 
10- create a few records 
11- next click on administration -> portlets -> new 
12- on the page fill the following fields 
Portlet Name: test_01175637 
Portlet ID: test_01175637 
Content Source: Customer 
13- next click on "list column section" -> layout 
14- move all the contents from "available columns" to "selected columns" 
15- save and return. 
16- next click on "list column section" -> fields 
17- on page "Portlet: test_01175637 - List Column Fields" click on "properties" for "name" attribute 
18- in the field "Link" select "resource training properties link" click on "save and return." button 
19- click on home -> general and then click on the wrench icon for "manage my tabs" (right hand corner) 
20- click on "new" to create a new tab 
Tab Name: 
21- click on "save and continue" 
22- on the page "Page: Overview | Tab: test - Page Content" click on "add" 
23- in title search for object id which was created on step 4 i.e "test_01175637" 
22- select and add 
23- next click on home -> general -> 
24- click on the object name in the "name" column which should open the ' resource training: testabc - General - Properties" page 
25- on this page click on "return" button which should return to "Resource-Material: - Main - General" page 
26- click on properties tab menu and the properties subpages are all "general" 

Expected Results: Clicking on "return" button should return to page should return to Main object page.

Actual Results: instead it is returning to "Resource-Material: - Main - General" page resulting in the Properties menu to be updated with "General" for all sub-pages. 


15.3, 15.4, 15.4.1, 15.5


Defect DE43651 - Fixed.

Fix will be released in upcoming clarity version 15.6.