Fields that are deselected in Governance are visible in the Identity Portal


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Even though we have made few fields to not appear in the Identity portal, they are not part of the column list but appear when the details sections is accessed.

My Campaign "test3 user priv, Settings\Column, removed "endpoint name". Removing "Endpoint name" is the test I did for their other fields which they removed. 

Go look a someone you still see Endpoint name. 

Went into Portal Management. 

Elements > Universes > Your Universe > Templates. Using "User Privileges". Click Display. Took endpoint name out. 

Compliance Management\Cert templates. "User Privileges, next, next, and get to display. Can not get to display in test. Click user, its already removed. So it does update from Portal. 

Went back to campaign and open the Testrole000, users click on user. DO see the "Endpoint Name". 

Trying to remove other fields.  See all the other fields like Endpointname, etc. 


Component: SGRM


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