Less SMFDATA being collected


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After applying up to and including RS1811 it appears less SMF data is being collected.
I will attach the job that runs and collects the data, both PRE RS1811 and Post RS1811 and copy of the SYSVIEW/SYSVUSR logs.
In the SYSVIEW logs, after applying the maintenance I had PROFILE error messages.
I ran the profile conversion job again but did not cycle SYSVIEW, the documentation said I didn't have to and after I ran the jobs the profile messages stop coming out.
The capacity planning group has lost data since the maintenance apply.


Component: SYSVW


1) Their batch job was still executing an old version of the GSVXLGEX (Logger exit module) 

GSVX920I SYSUT1 LOGRExit GSVXLGEX 19513408 Release 14.1 Build 0940 20150706 20.04 

The module itself was in LINKLIST as there was not a JOBLIB/STEPLIB in the executing JCL. 

2) The UPGRADE to Feature PTF 9 included the FEATURE PTF 5 which included a change to the logstream performance through multi-record block processing. 
The Enhancement Description paragraph in the FEATURE PTF 5 states: 

'Log stream performance has been enhanced through multi-record block 
processing. If you are upgrading and already have log streams defined, you can reuse those same log streams. Log stream data written after the application of this PTF is no longer readable by prior releases of SYSVIEW.' 

Hence the batch job reported that there were records there but the report writer wasn't able to interpret them as noted by the 'Other' value in the report.: 

00.10.06 JOB23080 GSVX923I -------- ------------------------ ---------- 
00.10.06 JOB23080 GSVX923I SYSUT1 Audit Events 47 
00.10.06 JOB23080 GSVX923I SYSUT1 Other 62 
00.10.06 JOB23080 GSVX923I -------- ------------------------ ---------- 
00.10.06 JOB23080 GSVX923I SYSUT1 Records returned 109 


Once customer pointed the report to the new r15.0 GSVXLGEX Logstream exit module the report was able to interpret the new record formats of the Logstream records which had been written since the update to the r15.0 release.