Unable to exclude CSOL lifetime through CTRANOPT in r15


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We had our r14.2 CTRANOPT setup to exclude the CICS TCPIP listener CSOL.
CSOL is a long running transaction that seems to write an SMF record every 30 minutes.
Under r15 the CSOL transaction statistics show up every 30 minutes as a transaction that has been running for 30 minutes.
This is skewing our Dashboards that plot Lifetime along with CSTATUS for lifetime.
Our plots have such a high spike to account for the 30 minutes lifetime that we do not even see the average response times in the plot.
I have used multiple options in CTRANOPT to get rid of the 30 minute lifetime for CSOL, but they only thing I have done is remove it from CTRANLOG with the NOTRANLOG option.
I also used LONGRUN, but the 30 minute lifetime continues to show in CTRANSUM along with my Dashboards and CSTATUS.
How do I exclude the recording of CSOL as I have been able to do in previous releases?


Component: SYSVW


Marking CSOL as LONGRUN (and NOTRANLOG if you like) on CTRANOPT will cause: 
- the stats for CSOL to not be added in to the degradation analysis stats for the '*' all-transactions entry seen on the CTRANDEG display. 
- the LIFETIME threshold to not be checked for CSOL. 

However, the stats for CSOL will still be added into any definitions you created on CSTATUS, such as LIFETIME *.
This is where it differs from the EXCLUDE or BYPASS options in 14.2 and prior, which would have caused this to not happen. 

While there may have been some oversight in this area on the 15.0 CTRANOPT redo that we should reevaluate going forward, changing your plot to use TSUMLIFE rather than LIFETIME may suffice for your current need.
TSUMLIFE uses the degradation analysis stats that LONGRUN will cause to not be updated (TSUMLIFE * will not contain the long lifetime of CSOL as LIFETIME * does). 

Try changing your plot to show TSUMLIFE *