New UX Default Timesheet Options set by user in Classic are reset in PPM Clarity


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New/Modern User Experience (UX) Default Timesheet Options set by user in PPM Clarity Classic change to what the user last selected when creating a timesheet in the New UX. These default options include Copy previous timesheet,Copy hours and Add Assigned Tasks.

Details of issue:

If you have 'Add Assigned tasks' unchecked on the admin side and apply to all resources, this default is only retained the first time a new user creates a timesheet in the New User Experience. If a user creates a new timesheet and checks 'Add Assigned' tasks for that timesheet, this is the default used for the next timesheet created. In looking at the configuration for the user's timesheet in classic, you will see that Add Assigned Tasks is now checked after the users clicked 'Add Assigned' Tasks in New UX. So, any values set in the user's Classic Timesheet configuration is overridden when a new timesheet is created with a different option. 


Component: PPMTMM


This is working as designed in the New User Experience. In the New User Experience, persistence is used in most cases, so that the New UX remembers the last settings checked when a user created a timesheet and those are the defaults checked for the next timesheet created. The user specific Classic UI configuration settings used in Classic timesheets to set default settings in timesheets was replaced with the persistence option in the New User Experience and the Classic UI settings for a user are not supported in the New User Experience.

When a user first creates a timesheet, it will default to what was set by the Administrator in Administration->Project Management->Timesheet options (See KB000124960 for more details), but going forward, the application will use what was last selected by user when they created the previous timesheet.