Connector does not show up in the Administration page after a removal


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


I removed UIM connector to fix a UIM sql server probe problem. After the removal and a restart of the connector, I only see the CatalystConnector on the Admin-Connector Configuration page. The UIM connector itself does not appear. 


Component: SOIMGR


This problem will happen if you remove the connector without stopping the connector service, e.g., catalyst container or CA SAM Integration service. If you encounter such problem then do the following

- Edited NimsoftConnector.conf file located in CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\<host Name>_CatalystConnector\modules\configuration folder

and change the SOIState value from Removed to Enabled as you see here

name="SOIState" value="Enabled"/>

- Start the catalyst container service

Note: The configuration file location for 2.5 catalyst connector such as Spectrum connector is located in CA\SOI\resources\Configurations. Once the change is made CA SOI Integration Services needs to be recycled