Secondary ArchMgr is not synced with primary SpectroSERVER


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


After upgrading to 10.3 - have been able to successfully convert DDMDB from MyISAM to InnoDB tables. However, the Secondary Archive Manager is showing errors when attempting to sync to Primary such as the following:

Jan 18 23:10:33 : Failed to sync events. 

Jan 18 23:10:33 : Starting sync of events from primary ArchMgr 

Jan 18 23:10:33 : Last event synchronization time is Jan 18 23:10:33 

Jan 18 23:20:33 ERROR TRACE at Failure detaching from primary ArchMgr


In the process of upgrade and conversion of the databases, the Primary and Secondary databases were no longer in sync with each other. 


Spectrum 10.3 or later


Copy the Primary DDMDB database to Secondary to ensure the databases are in sync. 

  1. On the Primary SpectroSERVER, shut down the Archive Manager 


  3. Run;./ddm_save <ddmdb_filename>.ddmdb 

  4. Shut down the Secondary Archive Manager

  5. Then take a copy of <ddmdb_filename> to Secondary $SPECROOT/SS/DDM 

  6. Run; ./ddmload -i <landscape_handle> <ddmdb_filename>.ddmdb 

    where, <landscape_handle> is the LS handle of the Primary/Secondary FT pair 

  7. When prompted to initialize the database, choose Yes

  8. Start up Primary and Secondary archive managers