Adding multiple IMS systems to PMA


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CA Mainframe Application Tuner


Several new IMS regions were implemented a time ago, however you forgot to add them to PMA. Afterwards you add the regions and now the numbers are fine again..
However during the time of the missing IMS regions in PMA, the numbers were wrong because of the missing definitions..
Is it possible to recover this data and put it into the correct systems again, or is it needed to start from scratch and reallocate a new KSDSCST..


Component: MATUNE


All KSDSCST records have a date in their key (position 2-5, length 4)..
You can select all the records that have the missing IMS environments on date and afterwards add them again with the APCIAM44 for these specific dates...
Every date has a S, V and T type record (position 1, length 1).
You need to remove them all..
To add them again with the new IMS region information, run the APCIAM44 job against the data again.
It's also possible to run the APCIAM44 job against a new KSDSCST dataset and REPRO the output to the current one, after removing the old once from the current one..