What is the delay for Robot Inactive Alarm?


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


What is the delay for Robot Inactive Alarm?


- Robot inactive alarms


Component: UIMHUB


Inactive robot alert is raised based upon:

   robot_missed_update_count * hub_update_interval  + 120 seconds.

The default value for robot_missed_update_count (which is set in the hub.cfg) is 2 and the default value for hub_update_interval (which is set in the robot.cfg) is 900 seconds.

When the end user does not set these values specifically, default values are being used and evaluated as 2 * 900 secs + 120 secs = 1920 secs which equals 32 minutes.

If the end user wants to get the alarm sooner, then the robot_missed_update_count in hub.cfg  can be set to 1, which will reduce the robot inactive alert delay to 1 * 900 secs + 120 secs = 1020 seconds. Similarly, the hub_update_interval can be set to a lower value.


Additional Information

The parameter robot_missed_update_count was introduced in Hub v7.91.

For more information, check hub release notes

Note: robot_missed_update_count is not present by default. 

To add the parameter:

  1. Open the hub via Raw configure
  2. Select the 'hub' Section
  3. Click 'New Key'
    name: robot_missed_update_count
    value: <enter the desired value>
  4. Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'