ISPP100 panel EJESPIV2 not found when invoking CA JCLCheck EJCK clist in EJES


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CA JCLCheck Workload Automation


ISPF Dialog Error ISPP100 Panel 'EJESPIV2' error Panel not found when executing CA JCLCheck EJCK clist from E(JES). 

Steps taken to reproduce the error:
1. Enter .j next to a job output in EJES to display the JCL in edit mode .
2. Execute %EJCK to invoke CA JCLCheck.
3. When EJCK completes, hit F3 to exit the edit session. 

Expected result:  The previous panel is displayed
Actual result: ISPF error ISPP100 Panel 'EJESPIV2' not found.


The CA JCLCheck EJCK clist had ISPEXEC LIBDEF ISPPLIB DATASET ID('jclcheck.caz2pnl0'). 
The (E)JES panel library (containing panel name 'EJESPIV2') is missing from the ISPPLIB definition in the EJCK clist..


CA JCLCheck release 12.0 
(E)JES from Phoenix Software International


Add the (E)JES panel library to the LIBDEF ISPPLIB definition in the EJCK clist.

ISPEXEC LIBDEF ISPPLIB DATASET ID('jclcheck.caz2pnl0','ejes.panellib')

Additionally, if the EJCK clist has LIBDEF ISPMLIB, and ISPSLIB definitions for the JCLCheck message and skeleton libraries, then the EJES libraries need to be added as well.