How to configure 3 different thresholds for Disk Usage in cdm


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Customer had a requirement to be able to configure 3 different thresholds for monitoring Disk Usage, but no matter what they tried, they would only receive a single alarm.


- UIM 8.5.1 or higher
- cdm 6.30 or higher


Create 3 separate Custom Disk profiles under the Custom Tab in cdm.

With custom alarms, the suppression key contains the name of the custom alarm profile, so you will have to
create 3 separate cdm custom profiles under the Custom Tab (in this case, for Disk)

Custom Disk profile names for example,

1. MyCustomDiskMinor
2. MyCustomDiskMajor

Each profile should have 1 threshold setting for either High OR Low threshold.

Create 3 custom alarm messages that can be applied to the profiles, to control the alarm severity and ensure
message UNIQUE-ness. For example,

1. MyCustomDiskMinor <and then you can insert the rest of your alarm message text> or use the $ to use
variables, e.g., $free etc.>, but each message MUST be unique.
2. MyCustomDiskMajor
3. MyCustomDiskCritical

Set the thresholds as required, e.g., 3%, 2% and 1 % for instance.

<Please see attached file for image>

cdm alarms that passed 3 different thresholds and were not surpressed

When configuring the cdm Disk custom profile, dont forget to use the drop down to set the Mount Point, e.g., C:\.
and then the Device field should automatically display the given disk volume.

Under Disk Free space make sure you associate/apply the newly created custom messages to the TO the
High/Low threshold.

When done, cold start the cdm probe and make sure the free space breaches the thresholds so alarms will be

Set the Disk interval lower so you don't have to wait a long time for the alarms to occur.

You can deselect the C:\ filesystem in cdm under DiskUsage->Filesystem in the main cdm window.


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