CA OM Webviewer - can we mass create users ?


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CA Output Management Web Viewer


We need to create a lot of users in Webviewer -- just checking is there any facility to mass create users -- as opposed to doing them one by one?


Release: CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
Component: WBVLUW


Very IMPORTANT:  Back up the database before doing this
  • Create a model user
  • From the Administration / User panel, Export the Users. This will produce an XML file (adminUser.xml by default).   This will give you the proper heading for the file and you can see varying definitions.
  • Make a copy of this file just in case.
  • Edit adminUser.xml and strip out all existing user (<user>...</user>) records for all users EXCEPT the model user. 
  • Edit the resulting file, duplicating the user record (<user>...</user>) for each of the real users to add
  • Add the unique user’s information to each individual record.  Only the userID and ownerRoleName are required.  Everything else is optional.
  • From the Administration / User panel, Set conflict option - Skip in the drop down box, or else already defined users may be overwritten
  • Browse to and Import the updated User XML file.
  • Review the list to ensure the users were added. 

The sample file might initially look something like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<userDefinitions xmlns="">   
        <title>Sample user</title>
        <description>Description of sample user</description>
            <roleName>Default User</roleName>