How to Not Display the LOGO panels in CA Deliver and CA View


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The client recently allocated new CA Deliver and CA View databases.
When making on-line access to the Deliver database, the first panel to display is the LOGO panel, RMOP00. 
When making on-line access to the View database, the first panel to display is the LOGO panel, SARP00. 

This article shows how to prevent the LOGO panels from being displayed.


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In CA Deliver: 

 . The CVDEPENU(RMOP00) panel is the LOGO panel. 
 . The display of the LOGO panel is based on the setting of RMOPARM LOGO=YES|NO, where YES is the default. 
 . To not display the LOGO panel, set RMOPARM LOGO=NO. 

 . If a RMOSTC task is running, the Deliver LOGO parameter can be changed dynamically using command "/F rmostc,SET LOGO=YES|NO". 

 . To also implement the parameter, as the parameter is brought in with the task start, it would be possible to:
 . . Make a parameter change, to the parameters in RMOSTC "//RMOPARMS DD DSN=...".
 . . Perform a RMOSTC task stop of "/P rmostc".
 . . Immediately thereafter, perform a task start of "/S rmostc".
 . . Note: With only the stopping of the task, the "hooks" placed on the corresponding database remain in the system, 
     to resume activity. 

 . The LOGO=... parameter is stored on the Deliver database, at the time that a RMOSTC task is started with that database.  

 . The display of the panel is based on that current parameter setting, whether or not a RMOSTC task is running against that database. 

 . If a RMOSTC has never been started for a database, then the LOGO screen will be displayed, as the default parameter setting is "LOGO=YES". 

 . If no RMOSTC has been run yet, and if disabling the display of the panel is desired, there is no choice but to start a RMOSTC task at least once, on that database, 
   to record the setting. 

  . . Note RMOSTC does not need to be active or running, after the point of that setting. 

To address the appearance of the LOGO panel in CA View:

 . The CVDEPENU(SARP00) panel is the LOGO panel. 

 . If you do not want to display the LOGO panel, run SARINIT with setting of LOGO=NO (from default of YES). 

 . A SARSTC task recycle does not need to take place, to implement the change. 

 . End-Users will not see the LOGO panel going forward.