cdm non-MCS vs MCS version cfx differences


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Why does the level value for "DiskWarning" section in MCS version of the cdm probe have severity level as "warning" but the non-MCS version has level = minor?


Component: UIMCDM


The reason for such a behavior is that earlier the default severity used to be Minor (which is higher severity comparatively) both in MCS and non-MCS , later product mgmt decided to change the thresholds e.g. it is changed to Warning in this case. So that overwrite condition is to modify the threshold and it is an expected behavior. As MCS is a bit different in principle as compare to other Non-MCS configuration tools e.g. you can do mass configurations easily in MCS so sometime it becomes necessary to have less severity configured otherwise the number of alarms are going to flood the dashboards in big setup environment. So the mentioned changed is intentional and it is not going to have any impact in terms of functionality of the probe."