DX Spectrum Connector not connecting to Spectrum Server


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Spectrum connector while sending data to SOI records and Error message that Connector error occurred and failed to initialize.

CA:[email protected]],01-21-19 13:31:44,INFO initialize :3526 Spectrum host=xxxxx, Lanscape=0x100000, Precedence=20
[CA:[email protected]],01-21-19 13:31:44,INFO initialize :3608 Connector host may not have permissions to connect to Spectrum Server
[CA:[email protected]],01-21-19 13:31:44,ERROR initialize :3663 Failed to Initialize the Connector:
exception com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCException.CsCSpectrumException {
com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCError.CsCError_e error=NO_USER,
java.lang.String messageFormatID="CsCModelDomain.getServerProperties.user.hostList.NO_USER",
com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue[] messageValueList={union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue {
java.lang.String textString="CsModelDomSrvc.cc"


Name Resolution of the spectrum primary and secondary server returns only the fullqualified  hostname.


spectrum connector 2.0.0.xxx
spectrum 10.x
SOI 4.x


Put the following update in the local hosts file of primary, secondary and connector hosts.


<ipaddress> <fullqualified hostname> <short name> primary

<ipaddress> <fullqualified hostname> <short name> secondary

<ipaddress> <fullqualified hostname> <short name> connector


If that does not resolve it, configure the $SPECROOT/.hostrc on each SpectroSERVER (not the OneClick servers) to have just a + symbol and nothing else. If there are machine names in the file remove them all and enter just a + symbol. This allows access from other servers where resolved names may return a fully qualified name, or a name with case sensitivity that does not match what Spectrum has. The + tells the code that as long as it can resolve the name of the other server, it can try to connect.