PPM: very slow for opening up reports using Jasper Studio 7.1


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Encountered very slow poor performance while open report with Jasper Studio 7.1
As an example, open /ca_ppm/reports/project_management/CSK_PRJ_Roadmap_files with Jasper Studio 7.1

- Using JS V7.1 client, it takes around 10 mins to download and open.
- Using JS V6.2 client, it takes around 5 seconds to download and open.



Component: ODJSP


Enable "Disable Expressions evaluation" checkbox and it will significantly improve opening up report with Jasper Studio 7.1.
(This new security preference is not in Jasper Studio 6.2.)

Go to Jasper Studio 7.1 menu bar->window->Preferences->Global Settings->Jasper Studio->Disable Expressions evaluation

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Other concerns for performance:
The default ram allocation in Jasper Studio 7.2 may be small.
To increase ram allocation, edit  "Jaspersoft Studio Professional.ini" and try to up the ram allocation like as below. 



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