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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


To copy a QC Bug, which contains a custom field containing a CA Agile Central UserStory FormattedID, to a CA Agile Central Defect such that the " Requirement" Field on the new CA Agile Central Defect will contain a pointer to the CA Agile Central UserStory.


Component: ACSAAS


<!-- **********************************************************************
FILE:    QC-config-bugReq2Rally.pxml

PURPOSE: To copy a QC Bug, which contains a custom field containing a Rally
         UserStory FormattedID, to a Rally Defect such that the "Requirement"
         Field on the new Rally Defect will contain a pointer to the Rally

         1) Given a QC bug, which has a custom field (BG_USER_08) containing
            the FormattedID of a Rally UserStory (such as US412),
         2) This QC bug will be copied to a new Rally Defect,
         3) This new Rally Defect will have a clickable link (in the GUI)
            to the Rally UserStory (US412 in this example) which can be
            seen on the Defects details page, labeled as "User Story:".
         4) The text of the link will be of the form "FormattedID, Name".

         1) Create a UserStory in Rally (say US412).
         2) Create a custom field for QC defects, maybe like:
              - Field Name : BG_USER_08
              - Field Label: BG_USER_08_UserStory
              - Field Type : String
         3) Create a new QC bug, enter the FormattedID of the Rally
            UserStory (US412 from above) into the BG_USER_08_UserStory
            custom field.
         4) Run the QC connector using this configuration file.
         5) A new Defect will appear in Rally which has a clickable link
            to UserStory US412.

USAGE:  Replace all the "Your-..." strings below with values appropriate
        for your environment.
*********************************************************************** -->


            <Field><Rally>Name</Rally>       <Other>BG_SUMMARY</Other></Field>