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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Use the following configuration file to copy and update CA Agile Central tags with JIRA labels (both directions).


Note: If all labels are removed from a JIRA artifact, the update will not remove all tags from the corresponding CA Agile Central artifact, since the connector (by design) will not write "null" (empty string) into a field. A recommended work-around is to have a dummy label which is never removed from artifacts, and this would allow other labels to be added and removed at will.


Sample Configuration File

<User>[email protected]</User>
<SuppressDeprecationWarning />

<User>[email protected]</User>

<Field><Rally>Name</Rally> <Other>Summary</Other></Field>
<Field><Rally>Tags</Rally> <Other>Labels</Other></Field>



Additional Information

JIRA information:  Rally Tags are meant to sync with Jira Labels.  The Jira Labels field does not allow multi-word Labels. 

It is possible to successfully map Rally single word tags and multi-word tags to a Jira String field when using the RallyKeyword2TagFieldhandler using a comma as the delimiter.

    <Connector>                <FieldMapping>               <Field><Rally>Name</Rally>            <Other>Summary</Other></Field>               <Field><Rally>Description</Rally>     <Other>Description</Other></Field><!--               <Field><Rally>Tags</Rally>         <Other>Labels</Other></Field> WORKS ONLY WITH SINGLE WORD TAGS -->               <Field><Rally>Tags</Rally>         <Other>LoriStringTest</Other></Field>             </FieldMapping>          <RallyFieldHandlers>            <RallyKeyword2TagFieldHandler>                <Type>String</Type>                <Delimiter>,</Delimiter>            </RallyKeyword2TagFieldHandler>             </RallyFieldHandlers>

So, it is possible to use a string field to map multi-word tags to Jira String fields, but because of Jira limitations, it is not possible to map multi-word Rally Tags to Jira Labels because of the Jira limitation.