WEBZFSM member to install GUI server and AUTOMOUNT
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WEBZFSM member to install GUI server and AUTOMOUNT


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


During the CA Vantage WebUI installation, WEBZFSM member can failed if the AUTOMOUNT function in OMVS is used.

The installation documentation said to customize WEBZFSM member.

The problem is that my mount point is an automatic mount point. Before mounting the ZFS files, you issue an MKDIR command. So the job is inaccurate to my environment as it failed. How to proceed?




If you are using the OMVS AUTOMOUNT functionality, you need to review the provided WEBZFSM JCL and remove the creation entry point as the MOUNT step to avoid a failure.

The JCL should reflect your AUTOMOUNT configuration to fully worked.

You can also isolate each steps and perform only those needed in your configuration to get the ZFS files defined and mounted correctly.

Additional Information

As usual, if you have any trouble or questions, please contact CA Vantage support for assistance.