Rally: How to add a Watch via pigeon API


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


This article discusses a theoretical method for creating a watch using the pigeon endpoint.  

It is highly likely that a CORS policy restriction will be encountered when attempting this and as such this method can not be guaranteed to work nor can it be supported.  It is strictly provided on an informational basis.


Component: ACSAAS


The Pigeon API is restricted by CORS policy.  Therefore, depending on how the call is made, it may not be possible to use the API to create watch requests. 
The two pieces of information that will be required ahead of time will be

  • Target user UUID
  • Target artifact UUID 

You must use the UUID; an object ID will not work.  The UUID appears as an alphanumeric string like be2943ba-7476-44d9-baea-9b8e1151b708 and is available via a standard WSAPI GET to the appropriate user or artifact object.


The call needs to be constructed as follows:

Method:  POST
URL:  https://rally1.rallydev.com/apps/pigeon/api/v2/watch
Body:  {
  UserUUID: <ObjectUUID of user to be added as watcher>,
  ArtifactUUID: <ObjectUUID of artifact to be watched>

Additional Information

Watches are not published or documented API endpoints, therefore their use and availability is not guaranteed, additionally there is no guarantee of support using this method to create watches.