What are the differences between vse.log, vse_matches and VS_VSMName.log files?


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There are three different log files created when the VSE service is being used: vse.log, vse_matches and the VS_VSMName.log.
What are the differences between these files?


Component: ITKOVS


The vse.log file contains information regarding the VSE Service. Depending on the log level it will show all start up information, like classes being loaded, properties and patches, status messages including memory, CPU usage and Virtual Services deployed to the VSE. WARN and ERROR messages regarding VSMs running on the VSE service.

The vse_matches file contains information regarding the matching/ no-matching for VSMs transactions.
This file contains the details for all VSMs deployed to the VSE. It is not separated by virtual service.

The VS_VSMName.log file is created per virtual service deployed to the VSE.
Each VSM will generate a VS_VSMName.log file with information on incoming requests for a single VSM - not all virtual services like the vse_matches.
Depending on the log level this file will have the inbound request and matching information. 

The log level for these file are set using the logging.properties file under $DEVTEST_HOME.
The property log4j.rootCategory=INFO,A1 controls the information for the vse.log files.
The property log4j.logger.VSE=INFO, VSEAPP controls the information for the vse_matches and VS_VSMName.log files.

Additional Information

For more information regarding the logging.properties file please use the link below: