Temporary failure in the name resolution error when running a Jmeter script in ASM


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We have created a script monitor for our application URL using J-meter, and we have tested the script and it is running successfully without any error. When deploying the script as an ASM script monitor, we are getting an error as below when running teh monitor on an OPMS

"7019: servername: Temporary failure in the name resolution".

HTTP monitors to teh same host do not get this error when run on the same OPMS


The script monitors run inside a docker container on the OPMS system and not in the native Operating system. Becaue of this they do not have access to the operating system /etc/hosts file so if the address of the host being monitored is only available via the hosts file and not via DNS the script monotor will fail to resolve the address. HTTP monitors are able resolve the adddress from the /etc/hosts file as they do not run inside a docker.


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Correct the DNS system to resolve the host name