VM:Operator in z/CMS


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CA VM:Operator


We will eventually be moving all virtual machines to z/CMS.

Are you aware of any issues with VM:Operator running under z/CMS? We are currently running z/VM 6.4 but will be upgrading to 7.1


Component: VMY


At this time, please continue running the CA/Broadcom VM:Manager Suite product servers as is currently documented; 
with directory statement "MACHINE ESA". 

None of the VM:Manager products need facilities specific to zCMS to run. Although you may find that some of the product servers run under zCMS, it is not recommended to do so because we have not performed certifications specific to zCMS because there is no requirement to use zCMS on z/VM 6.4 or 7.1, or any release planned for the future. 

As far as we know, IBM does not supply any base system UserIDs configured to run under zCMS (OPERATOR, MAINT710 ... or RACF or DIRMAINT   if you run those). 


Additional Information

For VM:Operator, it sounds like you tried running it under zCMS and you found problems. Again, there is no benefit to VM:Operator running under zCMS, so just continue to run it as documented with "MACHINE ESA" .