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CA Panvalet


Performing CA Panvalet 14.6 upgrade and looking for upgrade instructions.
Could you please provide all the necessary documents to perform the upgrade.  


CA Panvalet V14.6


Before starting the implementation of Panvalet 14.6, need to apply all the current maintenance for Panvalet V14.6. 

The PAX file is just the base with no maintenance applied.  Need to download and apply the maintenance after installing the PAX file.

         NOTE:   PTF SO07308 must be Received and Applied to complete the implementation steps.

Panvalet V14.6 is the CA Chorus MSM compliant release which means all the library data set names have changed. 
There is a very helpful table in the Release Notes that shows the old library names and what the new library names are -

Target and Distribution Libraries

1)  Configure the FGPAN23  PVOPT USERMOD :   

     a)  Running the following PRINT FGPAN23 job to list the current PVOPT settings:

//SYSIN DD *                                                 
++PRINT FGPAN23                                              

    b)  Using the above FGPAN23 output, update the member X7USRMD1 in the CBA3JCL library accordingly.

         Here is the link to the PVOPT Macro -


   c)  Run the FGPAN23 job with a STEPLIB pointing to the Panvalet 14.6 CBA3LINK library and compare the reports to verify the PVOPT settings are the same.

2)  Verify the base install.

      Modify and run the IVP job -  X7IVPVER found in the CBA3JCL library.

      Note:  There is a typo in the last step - DISKCOPY.  The DCB DD statement for PANDD2 has -

         RECFM=MB       and it should be        RECFM=FB



3)  Set up the ISPF interface. 

See  Configuring the Option for ISPF -

See  Customizing the Option for ISPF -

4)  Next is the PANV SUBSYS. 

       If the PRNT step in the X7IVPVER job ran successfully, will need to install the Panvalet SUBSYSTEM for V14.6. 

See  Activating the Subsystem -

5)  Finally, need to determine what Special Fixes have been applied to the current Panvalet system.

     a)  Determine if any Specials have been applied to current Panvalet system

After the V14.6 PTF  SO07308 has been appled, there are 2 new JCL members in the CBA3JCL library -  PANUT01 and PANUT02

When modifying the JCL will need to set it up so the STEPLIB points to the new V14.6 CBA3LINK library while the CBA3LINK and CBA5LMD0 DD statements point to the current Panvalet software libraries like this:  

Run it with no PARM specified (the default), to create a list of the Special Fixes that are turned on in the current Panvalet.   

     b)  Modify and run PANUT02 to turn on the same Specials listed in the PANUT01 report.
 This time point the CBA3LINK and CBA5LMD0 DD statements to the V14.6 libraries:


Additional Information

See CA DocOps for all of the CA Panvalet V14.6 documentation