Forecast Error: error.CannotStartupOSGIPlatform


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


Receiving error "error.CannotStartupOSGIPlatform" when attempting to run a forecast report in the Workload Automation DE product.


It is likely that the product was started using the root user instead of the user that the product had been running as in the past. After realizing this error, when the product was restarted with the normal account that is used, root still owned the required configuration files for the reporting process, and likely other files as well. The file permissions did not allow for any users other than root or members of the root group to run forecast reports as the error "error.CannotStartupOSGIPlatform" would be presented to the user and access would ultimately be denied.


Component: DSRIES


To address this and any other issues that may have not been experienced yet, you should navigate to the installation directory for the Workload Automation DE product and change the ownership of the entire directory recursively. Below are the steps to do so:

We will use the default installation path of /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomation_R12_SP2/ (note: this path varies according to release level) and the owner dseries for our example below.
  1. First, let's change directory to the /opt/CA directory on the server by entering the command cd /opt/CA.
  2. Next, let's change ownership of the Workload Automation DE folder recursively by entering the command chown -R dseries:dseries WorkloadAutomation_R12_SP2. (Keep in mind that the user dseries and the group dseries [dseries:dseries] is just our example. This may be different in your environment).
  3. Attempt to run your Forecast report.
If the above process does not address your issue, create a case with Support to assist you further. Make reference to this Knowledge Article so the Engineer is aware that you attempted to follow this process.