How to transfer Policies from zDC 1.4.x to DCI 1.5


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CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence


Sometimes it could be necessary to move an existing Policy definition from an existing zDynaCap (zDC) 1.4.x environment to a CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI) 1.5 one.   

Using USS and DCI commands, it is possible to easily move a policy definition between environments. 


Release: CADCIU00200-1.5-Dynamic Capacity Intelligence-MSU


Export process (from zDC environment): 
  1. Issue the ISHELL command to open the config folder of the zDC 1.4.x filesystem 
  2. Type the Line Command 'C' in front of the policy file to be copied (e.g. Policy_TEST.xml)
  3. On the next panel, choose the option:  2.  Data set... 
  4. Create Dataset i.e. 'DCI.POLICY.EXPORT' 

If necessary, catalog the dataset on the LPAR where the DCI 1.5 is active 

Import process (on DCI environment): 
  1. Start the DCI ISPF environment 
  2. Enter the command ZDCCMD IMPORT 'export.dsname' (e.g. ZDCCMD IMPORT 'DCI.POLICY.EXPORT')
  3. The policy is displayed as a xml file. We recommend not to change anything 
  4. Press PF3 twice 
  5. Enter the Policy menu 
  6. If needed, Edit the "new" policy and change values 
  7. Activate it with the line command "Q
  8. Type a R to load the new Policy Configuration into the internal Storage of the controller 

Additional Information

There is a sample job to export a policy in batch on #EXPORTP member CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence 1.5 CFHRSAMP library; it can be used instead of the ISHELL to create an "export" file.