HA probe triggers failover while remote hub is running fine


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Failover is getting triggered unexpectedly (and very freqently) by HA probe
although remote hub (which HA probe is checking status) is working fine and no connection issues at all.


No clear root cause identified.

In the controller.log (in HA probe robot) there were so many errors saying
controller probe did not get response from hub probe upon alive check.
Here is an example in controller.log

Jan 14 04:40:32:956 [139818775602944] Controller: Previous port alive check not finished: hub

What was suspected

- local hub (in HA probe robot) was in busy state
- HA probe had issues communicating local hub so it was causing issues for HA probe's heartbeat.


HA probe 1.45 
hub 7.80 
controller 7.80



Problem resolved after restart of nimsoft service in HA probe robot.