After upgrading to distsrv 7.97, IM shows very few packages for one hubs archive


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


IM is missing packages.  ADE still shows everything as normal. The archive folder still has the packages, but the IM is showing only a subset of the expected packages.  Other hubs appear to work normally.


Old package exists in archive folder.  The loglevel=5 shows that the package is missing and repeatedly failing an fopen call. 

Jan 17 11:39:05:638 [9308] distsrv: unzip - zipfile not found for C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft/archive/<PackageName>.zip
Jan 17 11:39:05:638 [9308] distsrv: fopen failed for <PackageName>, period.

However, the package does exist in the archive folder but had been deleted from other hubs.

All packages prior to this package are able to be processed and are seen in IM.


distsrv 7.97


View the logs to determine the problematic package and remove it from the archive.  Then restart the distsrv probe.  You should see in the logs that the packages are properly loading and appearing as expected in Infrastructure Manager.