History records missing from Librarian CCF HISTMAST


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We have two programs (CL31KF and CL31JE) and they reside in SRCELIB Master file but not in HISTMAST. When the developer tries to check out the modules, he is told that they are new modules.

The question is if the modules are promoted as new, will the archived history of the modules in SRCELIB Master file be wiped out?

What would happen if we replace members in HISTMAST for the missing modules?


Component: LIBR


The HISTMAST records are history of the CCF Work Orders, notes and CCF activity for the member. 

You do not need to create anything in HISTMAST. When Librarian sees that there is no HISTMAST record for the member, Librarian will create it. 

The archive levels will not be deleted from the SRCELIB Master file.