commit package failed with S213-04 abends


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The package being committed had backout enabled and, when executed, created backout members into library PBRCV.BISLB.HOM.LISTLIB.CICSDB2. The commit process is trying to delete them. 

First step was to dynamically allocate the library which was successful, meaning that the library is present in the MVS catalog. 
Second step is to open the library which fails with S213 abend and message IEC143I 213-04, which means that the library is not present in volume SWPP00 which is the one mentioned in the MVS catalog 


Release: ENIDM000200-18.0-Endevor-Software Change Manager-Integrations for Enterprise-Dev


There are two possible ways to clear the situation and allow the package to commit: 
- If the library is in fact lost, just delete the spurious catalog entry (for example, by option U (uncatalog) in the ISPF data set list utility panel) 
- If the library is still there (in another volume), uncatalog it and catalog it again under the right volume.