In a SARPAC REPORT, What does "ERR" Refer to?


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In a run of SARPAC REPORT, in the DPLX (Duplex Tape) column, there is value of "ERR". 
What is the meaning of this notification?


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In a SARPAC REPORT, "ERR" in the DPLX (Duplex tape) column could have the following meanings:
 . The duplex tape is not cataloged.
 . The ending tapemarks do not match, between the Primary and Duplex tapes.
 . There is something in the TMS (Tape Management System) information that shows to be different between the tapes.

A SARTCP tapemap can be run on the Duplex tapes in question, to see if there is anything physically wrong with the tapes.

The resolution, to whatever could be causing the condition, would be to run SARPAC on the related primary tapes, which would move the reports to new tapes.