Change Time zone for PPM Instance


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Can we change the server time to our PPM Instance?


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We are unable to change Time Zones.

When time zone settings for database servers are altered on CA PPM servers, some data anomalies will occur on date/time fields. The anomalies are caused by the PPM application and reporting engine’s assumption that any date/time values stored in the database are in whatever the current time zone setting is. Therefore, a change in a database server’s time zone to a later time zone will cause any date/time fields to shift out (add time equal to difference between the original and new time zone) when the PPM application or reporting engine reads and converts the data to the user’s time zone. As many of the date/time fields have a midnight time stamp, any shift out will result in dates displayed in the PPM UI and on reports being incorrect by +1 day. This issue has been extensively reviewed with PPM engineering and any programmatic method to convert a PPM database schema from one time zone to another carries an unacceptable risk to data integrity; the high risk is due to the volume of date/time fields and that many of the date/time fields are encoded as Binary Large Objects (BLOB) fields and cannot be directly updated.