Unexpected Results Following MERGE and SARPAC
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Unexpected Results Following MERGE and SARPAC


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A series of 6 databases were merged Sat. & Sun., the MERGE and SARPAC processes completed The newly MERGED databases all have the same BACKUP cycles defined TIME=1700 and DAYS=NYYYYYY.  The backup cycle did not execute on Monday at 1700.  On Tuesday, at 1630, I issued the command (F VIEW,NEW) on all three instances to kick off a backup cycle and to cause the tape volumes that had been processed by SARPAC to be un-cataloged from the system catalog.  Another BACKUP cycle ran at 1700, as expected, on Tuesday.  None of the tape volumes that had been processed by SARPAC were un-cataloged from the system catalog, however, they have been removed from the SARTSLST report. 

I expect these to drop off this report as each day passes until the 5th day after the SARPAC when they should have rolled off.  I also expect the SARBKT62 message to stop after the 5th day backup cycle, ones the SARTAPES from the two merged databases have dropped off the SARTSLST report. I have run SARPAC REPORT option and the tape versions from the previous SAR databases show 0 reports, indicating they have been processed by SARPAC. None of the tapes have been un-cataloged from the SYSTEM catalog.

Why did they not un catalog as expected?





In the System Reference Guide is specifies the following:


After the archival tape data has been copied using the SARPAC utility, references to the original tapes are removed from the merged database at the next backup or clean cycle. Only the references to the tapes are removed from the database; the tapes are not un cataloged since the merged database does not actually own them.